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the distractions

Forgotten Distractions tracks

This extract from the Electric Circus newsletter, courtesy of the Why Control blog, mentions a couple of tracks that have never been released, Alice and the renamed Blood on the Pickups. The other, One Way Love, of course turned up as the B-side to 1979's white vinyl It Doesn't Bother Me single on Island.


Like all good completists, we'll work out a definitive list of tracks by The Distractions, as well as a gig history, which might prove more challenging.

There were also various songs performed live later on in the band's short career which have never appeared in recorded form. These include Steve's "Something New", Adrian and Pip's "Aspirin And Aftershave" and Adrian's "Nothing Lasts", plus an Arthur Kadmon song entitled "In The Night-Time" all of which were certainly performed at the band's gig at Hurrah's in New York in September 1980. The same gig also saw a performance of Steve's "Good Girls Don't Get To Paris", although he'd left the band by that time. The song was recorded by the 1995 line-up.

We're still working on the list of all Distractions tracks which you'll find here.


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