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the distractions

1995 demos

In 1995 Mike Finney and Steve Perrin, two of the founder members of The Distractions, joined forces once again under their former banner. Mike takes up the story: "In 1995, Steve and me got together with Nick Garside (Manc producer), on bass, Bernard Van Den Berg ( Distractions after Alec left, then Secret Seven) on Drums, Kevin Durkin (ex Direct Hits, who we knew from TJM records at the beginning, and Escape Committee) on guitar (bass on Good Girls) and played half a dozen gigs in and around Manchester and Liverpool. All these songs were in the set, with many other new songs, but only Still It Doesn’t Ring and It Doesn’t Bother Me from the old stuff. We were tempted to do Looking For A Ghost for an encore, but settled for Valerie and a few Lou Reed songs, which is in keeping with what we would have done originally.

Good Girls Don’t Get To Paris was written in 1979, but unrecorded until 1995 at Chiswick Reach (Joe Meek’s Studio where Telstar and My Generation were recorded). The other 4 tunes were recorded at Manchester’s Out of the Blue Studio in 1995 (This was the original ‘Madchester’ studio, owned by Nick Garside)."

For your delectation we present the original mixes of these five otherwise unheard Distractions songs. As you'll hear, there had been no slipping of standards over the 15 years that Messrs Perrin and Finney had been apart. Black Velvet, in particular, is a stone-cold 24-carat classic Distractions song, as well as being almost twice as long as anything else in their repertoire.

black velvet

where were you when I needed you?

good girls don't get to Paris

i thought you were dead Josephine

the land of opportunity


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